Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend Miss You After A Break Up – New Ideas

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You can’t make your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend miss you if you are always present. It may seem like the most natural thing in the world to want to be close to your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend but this is romantic suicide. Exert some willpower here and stay away from your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend if at all possible. This means that you can’t send your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend texts, you can’t call your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend or leave cryptic messages on Facebook. Remember that your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend will be expecting to hear from you in some form or another. When they don’t receive any communication from you at all, they’ll wonder what is wrong with you, maybe they will be worried and then make the effort to contact you themselves.

This is ultimately what you want. You don’t want to contact your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend yourself, instead you want to make them think that getting in touch with you was their idea. Then you will not look like the crazy Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend. This is a subtle yet extremely powerful implementation of reverse psychology. It works and it works well.

Make your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend miss you by improving your social life
Your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend was probably banking on the fact that they would move on before you. When you suddenly seem like you are moving on and getting on with your life they will be shocked upset and their egos will be bruised. They thought that you would be sitting at home and pining for them after the break up for at least a couple of months. When you don’t do this they will start questioning if you ever loved them at all, if you are glad that you broke up, if you are interested in someone else or if you have moved on completely.

Remember that you can’t force anyone to miss you, it has to be a process that happens naturally and something that you Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend does themselves. You can however implement certain techniques to speed up the process, make your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend realise that the breakup was a mistake and put yourself back on their minds constantly. Knowing these techniques is a big part of the battle in winning your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend back. After that all you have to do is put a plan of action in place. Learn everything you can about the opposite sex and human behaviour after a break up. Then you will be able to anticipate your ex’s actions and respond to them effectively, positively and attractively.

When contact with your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend finally is reestablished you will need to know how to handle it to make your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend become highly attracted to again. Contact with your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend is vital if you want to get them back, make them desire you and miss you like crazy.

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  • nick s:

    Well um, I have been seeing this guy for almost a year now, he goes to my college. Complicated part, he is my ex boyfriend’s best mate and his ex girlfriend used to be my best mate, so basically we were all friends.. me and my ex broke up ages ago like after 3 years, and my current boyfriend broke up with his ex after 5 years. Problem is, his ex (code name: erm, josie?) well, josie got kicked out of our college, and now she knows that me and my boyfriend have been seeing each other.. shes giving him like 100 PLUS missed calls everyday, she starts calling his house number, she threatens him to meet her or she’ll do something- and we are reali scared because she seems suicidal, shes very violent and would literally punch someones lights out. i really dont know why she is so freakily obsessed with him and i really do begin to panic because i dont want her to kill herself over him or something because she did USED to be my friend. now did i mention that they both lost their virginity to each other a long time ago, and im still a virgin, and i duno but i think thats the reason she wants to stay with him so bad, but its getting out of hand, and we reali dont know what to do, BIG essay i know but i just really had to get all this out; my boyfriend knows how upset i get over this and he is really trying to get her off his back, but shes like.. psycho! she threatens, blackmails, does everything to get her own way, he broke up with her because of the fact that she is so aggresive, she punches walls until she bleeds, damn i would really appreciate some help someone please?

  • Dom L:

    He gave his ex girlfriend a doll. He says he likes me and flirts with me, went out on a date with me and still talks to me. Yet he gave her a christmas present.

  • Jamal:

    My boyfriend of 2 months is still paying his ex-girlfriend’s bills (she lives rent free in a house he owns, lets her use one of his cars, pays for the car insurance, and pays all her utilitity bills), even though they broke up 5 months ago. She doesn’t have a job and is on disability and has a kid in high school.

    They haven’t talked or seen each other since the break up. The child is not his But shouldn’t he stop supporting her financiall now that they’ve broken up?

  • Con Orpe:

    Recently my ex girlfriend and I went away for the weekend. We slept in the same bed but no sex. Kinda weird, just friends stuff, so it sucked. But she wanted to go to a strip club with me. But there really aren’t any downtown where we were. I really want to get back with her, but what does this mean? She never suggested that while we were dating for over 3 years.

  • Duke:

    I am thinking on taking back my ex girlfriend. I been with her twice. I last had her two years ago. How often do things work out when someone takes a girlfriend back? Do they actually ever have a happy marriage?

  • davemc74656:

    My ex-girlfriend keeps turning up inside my home and work surprise. She even committed breaking and entering on my small home. Exactly what do I actually do to obtain her in check and from me while still attempting to maintain distant communication together with her?

  • Gamer959:

    It has been four several weeks since my ex-girlfriend of 2 yrs split up beside me. We’re both likely to be juniors attending college and therefore are both biology majors with similar objective of becoming doctors. Throughout freshmen and sophomore year, i was together constantly because i was in most of the same classes and since we’d study together outdoors the class. Due to this constant contact, we’d have small arguments every so often but nothing too serious and would both go on rather rapidly. I considered our relationship very mature because both of us respected one another. (One factor which was necessary for her which i respected was that they didn’t wish to have sexual intercourse until marraige) Also, because we visit a small school, i was a really well-known couple that everybody thought i was perfect together. Although we’d most of the same buddies we each went our separate ways sometimes. She’d do volunteer work within a given week as i visits football practice everyday. Everybody also believed that I had been the right boyfriend. Whenever she needed me, whether she was sick or sad, I’d exist on her. For instance, if she needed an espresso and requested me basically was close to the dining hall (after i really wasn’t near by it) I’d lie and say I had been near it and go buy her an espresso. I gave her presents, I gave her my love I’d. I loved her with all of me and and she or he did too. Eventually before winter break this past year she explained that they needed a rest in the relationship which she needed the wintertime break (30 days) to re-think everything, that was an entire surprise in my experience. About two days later ( that have been terrible for me personally) she skyped me and explained that they loved me which she wanted another chance beside me, however, she desired to convey more space, that we thought might be best too. The relaxation of winter, even if we returned to college was exactly the same. Everything appeared to become normal again, until for this past March. Throughout that month, she appeared to do something strange around me. However when I’d request her (that was numerous occasions) if everything was okay, she stated that they only agreed to be stressed about school coupled with nothing related to me. It came to the stage where after i would request her, (since it would get so bad) and she or he would yell at me stating that it’s nothing related to me which it had been just her and college work. Her b day was at in regards to a week and also to relieve a few of her stress I figured it might be smart to throw her an unexpected b day party. I labored so difficult to collect all her nearest buddies, (not mine) and completely surprised her having a twentieth b day party. I purchased cake and frozen treats and she or he appeared very happy. It helped me feel happy. However, the following week throughout Easter time break, she behaved strange again as i spoken to her on the telephone. At some point she mentioned via text. “regardless of what, I’ll always recognize how wacky you’re and just how fun you’re.Inch I known as her up and requested if everything was okay and she or he mentioned, “you’re much more of your dog, dogs loved to become loved, they loved to leap on people, they’re always happy. I’m a lot more like the cat, felines sometimes enjoy being patted and often enjoy being left alone.” We simply need to give one another much more space.” Whenever we returned to college I acquired her kaira paisley tickets on her b day. It had been about another week when she explained this relationship wasn’t working. She explained that everybody thinks that we’re perfect together which you’re the perfect bf but she stated that they has not been single since she was 14 and needed time for you to discover who she was. I had been absolutely crushed. She explained which i would be a huge become popular campus which any girl want me. So when I requested whether it was another guy (that we requested more often than once) she’d yell at me almost in tears stating that it had not been another guy and she or he did not desire a bf in the near future. She stored saying it’s her which Used to do no problem. Also, she stated that they thought we increased aside from one another which we increased from love that we aren’t seeing how that may of happened within our relationship because everything appeared to become going easily. She explained to not watch for her which when she is able to link she won’t watch for me. It has been about 5 several weeks because this happened and that i feel absolutely miserable. I loved her a lot and to tell the truth along with you I figured she was actually the one. I seem like nobody knows where Im originating from and that i feel that it’s my fault which i lost her. I would like her to become happy regardless of what since i will invariably love her, and when this means that I can not be around her then fine, it simply really affects on my small finish. Appreciate reading through i be thankful. I simply have no idea what to anticipate. I’m not sure how to proceed.

  • Taylor2k:

    ryt ok my now ex-girlfriend split up beside me 3 days ago.i had been her first boyfriend and treated her based and spoilt her. she was kind caring, sweet, sensitive mature, thought about being a physician had good high hopes. she split up beside me because she felt confused n that people didnt connect any longer. i felt she rushed towards the decision required rid of it respected her and gave her space and didnt contact her. she was very upset she explained she cared called the toughest factor she done this since i was her first boyfriend i believed she’d be upset for some time and she or he was goin away for any month soon so a minimum of until she returned. she set up photos people on bebo the next day of the split up.i have been searching for new women and seeking to maneuver on at this time but she was still being on my small mind. per week after breakup i hear shes already got such a boyfriend which shocked me upset me and completely transformed my take on her but many of people think it is a rebound.anways i ongoing to no contact and check out start things again she still on mind. however a week ago on my small bday she texted me wanting us a happy bday and hope my exams went well.i’ve been discussing with my self to retort or otherwise. that got me thinkning about her again and it is been anoying me because ive began to overlook her now a great deal and i believe i take care of her greater than i figured.i’m always reminded of her and also the good occasions we’d with everyday things.everything just beginning to develop and obtain worse and i believe because she’s disappearing for any month. ive been discussing to txt her back thanks or otherwise i text my pal who’s heading out together with her friend who does not like her just as much now and that he states to not shes been a b— in my experience he stated they know somefin about her it is not good. now ive got a lot of ideas within my mind about her and wat she mite do done transformed etc its psychologically draining me. i no longer can do anything now its just subconsiously on my small mind. ive been meeting new women however i feel it normally won’t compare to my ex a minimum of what she was as with me plus they really cause me to feel miss her more.ive determined that maybe the easiest way would be to ignore her how?i thought about being buddies together with her however the ideas im gettin and wat my pal stated has transformed my outlook during her.exactly what do i actually do? i believe i’ll miss her wen shes gone what is the very best factor to complete.i truly thought i had been over her until it emerged to my bday i began to overlook her and also the fact shes disappearing soon is telling me off her

  • Echo:

    Well my ex-girlfriend and i were together for 2 years and i broke up with her about 5 months ago before i left to college because we would be in separate cities. Since then, i met an amazing and beautiful girl who i care about very much. We’ve been together for over a month now. Things are going great except there is one problem. I cant get my ex-girlfriend out of my mind, i miss her so much and there is so much that i miss doing with her. She just broke up with her boyfriend because she misses me too. But i really dont know what to do because my current girlfriend has done nothing wrong, but i just dont want to lose my ex because i feel as if she may be the one. On the other hand, my current girl may be the one too. I have no idea what to do, and i just ask if someone can give me some advice. Im tired of breaking hearts and going through this. Its so hard, please someone help me.

  • XplicitzZ:

    Hey guys and gals.
    I’m really caught up on my ex right now. It’s been around a month since we last talked and she doesn’t seem to be missing me at all. She even told me she would rather not have me around anymore.

    So I decided to change things around in the last month and to quit moping and feeling sorry for myself. I thought long and hard about what made our relationship fail and I have matured as a person. I realize that I was just too clingy from the very start and eventually she fell out of love with me.
    Yes I’ll admit it for those guys out there that want to say it. I really needed to grow a pair and man up. When we broke up, I spent days crying and feeling depressed. To the point where I was begging for her to come back. (I feel like a total dumbass now that i think about it. In fact, I should have just given her some time and space).
    Another problem was that she was my first girlfriend. I would consistently hear sob stories from my female friends about how their boyfriends just didnt seem to care about them and how they would rather play Black Ops instead of going on a date. I tried to be different and love my girl as much as I could but I didn’t realize the clingyness (Is that even a word?) that I was subconsciously giving off.
    And of course, begging her to come back after just pushed her away even farther and now she avoids me whenever possible.
    I really meant for the best. I didn’t understand some things since she was my first. I thought she would forever love me if I was available 24/7 and always put her first. Well now I understand I was wrong. I spent the last month really thinking and finally understanding what went wrong.
    I don’t know what to do now. I want to apologize to her and show her the new man that I have become. I want to admit my mistakes and not cry about it. I have really taken this time to grow up but I feel it’s too late since she won’t even talk to me. (She told me she lost the feeling eventually)

    So yeah. I have no idea what to do right now. I know my mistakes and how to change things this time around. But I dont think I will even get a chance to tell her. Somebody help me out please and thanks very much.

    PS. I know that the best thing to do is to move on, but this girl really means the world to me. I know I should just forget this and let time heal all wounds, but that would be giving up on the person I love the most. If nothing works then I will learn to let her go, but for now I need some help getting her back.

  • Mr SoLo DoLo:

    Cut a lengthy story short. Start heading out in November. We are both Christian. We finish up doing certain stuff. She states she loves me but am not prepared to express it back. She gets jealous towards my ex-girlfriend. She finishes it, we reconcile, then she finishes it. Week later she dates someone, finishes it. We are still speaking and she’s playing me around, saying she likes me still. Then she dates another person. I attempt and obtain her back and she or he rejects me. She finishes it using the other guy, and returns in my experience, states she loves me. We all do stuff again. She finishes it.

    Plenty of drama happens, I start dating other women, who then create problems in my ex. My buddy does something stupid and that i request my ex for help, although it returns reminiscences of her past, she hates me. I attempt and apologise, no dice. She begins dating her best guy friend, but finishes it. She states to become buddies and that i stupidly mention stuff we have done, which she states she’s disgusted by – due to her belief, and mine. Then she begins seeing another guy and chases rapport with him. Some drama happens there and she or he asks me for help however i get too involved and pushes her away, she stated she does not want anything related to me, wants me out her existence, she hates me etc. She was going abroad and so i e-mailed her saying be mindful. She replies with similar factor and provides me her new mobile phone number, I do not reply. I’ve not talked to her in on the month. Based on a mutual friend she’s ended things together with her new boyfriend but I am unsure. And she’s away at some camping factor with him because they were each going already.

    In either case, I truly miss her and wanna repeat the process together with her – despite the fact that it’s an awful idea, I understand. I would like her to seem like she did for me personally whenever we first began heading out – without all of the drama – and also to repeat the process correctly, but I’m not sure whether it’s possible? I’m not sure if each one of these men are rebounds after me, or what?

    Any assistance on this is great. Exactly what do I actually do, contrary? What is the chance things could begin anew? Or must i just let it rest.

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